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When you are ready to begin the process of downsizing, moving, relocating or settling an estate, we can be there to help make your transition easier.  We offer many services to aid you and your family.  We will handle the sale of your items, big and small, including jewelry, coins, collections, collectibles, antiques, automobiles, yard and garden items, artwork, kitchen and bath appliances, tools, furniture and household items – including clothing and even half-used cleaning supplies.  We inventory, photograph, market, advertise and setup your items so that they may be auctioned off in a professional and ethical manner, getting you the highest value for every item you own. 


The thought of an entire Estate, personal property or business liquidation can be overwhelming.  This is where Copper State Auctions' years of auction experience can represent you, the seller, in achieving the current market value for items sold at auction.  We market our auctions in several advertising avenues in order to create the largest attendance possible.  We specialize in the on-site auction of Estates, business liquidations, consignments, personal property, antiques and collectibles.


Auctions are the best choice for all sellers in nearly every situation, and not just those who need to sell quickly.  Here are just a few auction advantages offered by our full-service auction company as compared to estate tag sales, yard sales, garage sales and multi-day estate sales:

  • Auctions converts all of your items into cash . . . not just your best, rarest or most valuable items
  • Auctions are a transparent process, minimizing questionable sales methods and transactions – unlike other sales methods, all sales are conducted in the view of the public, where every buyer has an equal chance to make a purchase
  • Auctions are effective in both weak markets and strong markets
  • Auctions are effective when selling large quantities or multiples of similar items
  • Auctioneers are marketing experts for every item being sold
  • Auctions maximize potential values
  • Auction events connect to a diverse buyer base and bring them to your property
  • We are a full-service company that significantly reduces your personal time, involvement and expenses setting up, advertising, bringing buyers and selling your property
  • Your personal liability is minimized because all items are sold “as is” and without warranty
  • Auctions minimize personal stress and time spent sorting through property
  • Copper State Auctions uses an automated computer system for accurate and timely accounting and sales tracking
  • We employ professional bookkeeping records and itemized inventory receipts that are easy to read and can easily be used for disbursement purposes – we can even customize the proceed disbursement as needed for fiduciary or court purposes
  • We conduct all facets of our business with integrity and maintain a friendly, professional attitude with buyers, sellers, executors and consignors

Your estate is a lifetime of treasures and memories.  Let us find a happy home for your items.


Our auction can be held in many different venues.  Let us consult with you to discuss the best method to maximize your value and minimize your stress.  We may not always be the best solution, but let us be your first solution and reduce your stress.

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