Shipping of Auction Lots and Items Won

Shipping is Only Available on Certain Items - Shipping is Specified On Each Lot

We only ship items that are designated for shipping as shown in each lot. Look above the bid button to see if a lot can be shipped. We will try to fit your items into the least number of boxes as possible, however some items will require an unusual or oversized box resulting in an oversized shipping charge.


Local pickup is typically on-site at a residential home.  Pickup days are specified for each auction in the "information and shipping and pick up" sections for that specific auction.  We offer an online appointment scheduler.  You copy & paste this URL for the appointment scheduler into your browser:


Shipping costs: domestic shipping costs vary, however, her are some sample rates for United States Postal Service: $20.00 for a small USPS flat rate box, $25.00 for a medium USPS flat rate box or $30.00 for a large flat rate box (charges are per box and include shipping and handling - large flat rate boxes are not very big 8" x 12" x 12" - most shipping will need a larger box. If we offer shipping on an item that is not a flat rate charge (an unusual or oversized or heavy-duty box), there will be an $9.90 handling fee added to the cost of shipping. We utilize FedEx and UPS as alternative carriers which may offer a faster, more secure, less expensive option to USPS. You will be invoiced and postage/shipping costs must be paid before we are able to ship your items. The card on file, when registered, will be charged for each shipment and an email will be sent with an updated invoice showing charges and tacking numbers. Minimum shipping cost is $20.00 regardless of size or quantity of items bought or to address location shipped. Shipping irregular or heavy items, long distances, significantly increases shipping costs; please bid accordingly.

We only offer domestic shipping in the U.S. Some items may be shipped to Canada - please inquire about shipping a specific lot if you require shipping to Canada.


Local bidders and buyers: pickup address will be provided with your emailed invoice at the conclusion of the auction.  Each auction has a specific time frame for pickup, load-out and shipping. If you cannot pickup your items during these times; please do not bid. Please note that we are not able to help you load your items - bring the necessary vehicles/trailers to load out your items - including dollies, packing materials and extra help to move and load heavy items.


If available, you can schedule a pickup & load out time here:


Shipping of Firearms

Bidding on Firearms: In accordance with Federal Law, every gun purchase must be approved via an NICS background check. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to be aware of his or her ability to pass a federal NICS check. It is also the responsibility of the inter/out of state purchaser to be aware of the specific laws of their state regarding the legality of receiving a firearm. 


Federal Regulations prohibit us to sell any firearm or firearm-related item outside of the United States.  If a buyer of a firearm is denied a NICS clearance to proceed with the firearm transfer, that buyer will forfeit the entire purchase price, including all taxes and fees. Please be aware that the receiving FFL dealer may impose additional charges; please check with your local FFL dealer BEFORE bidding. You can find FFL dealers by copying and pasting this URL into your browser:


Local Buyers will pick up their firearms from GNS Arms, 932 S. Stapley Dr., Mesa, AZ 85204.  Phone: 480-256-2230.  Hours are posted on their website:  All Firearms must be picked up during these business hours at GNS Arms in Mesa, AZ 85204 within seven days of the auction ending.  Shipping must be coordinated with GNS Arms in Mesa, including receiving FFL name, address and contact information -- It is your responsibility to email GNS Arms this information.


SHIPPING COSTS OF FIREARMS: Pistols are $40.00 flat fee, $50.00 with insurance.  Rifles and Long Guns are $60.00 flat fee, $75.00 with insurance.  All firearms will ship via UPS.  Pistols ship via Air, Long Guns and Rifles ship via Ground.  In some cases, FFL transfer fees and/or shipping fees may be collected by Copper State Auctions on behalf of GNS Arms and then paid to GNS Arms.  FIREARMS CANNOT BE SHIPPED DIRECTLY TO A BUYER – THEY CAN ONLY BE SHIPPED TO AN FFL LOCATION.  

Are you interested?

We would be happy to give you more details regarding shipping. Please contact us at 480 435-9900 480 435-9900 or use our contact form.

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