Placing a Bid

Attending your first auction can be a nervous experience.  Disregard urban legend about scratching your nose and buying a boat or the myth of a person who scratched his ear and bought an expensive piece of fine art. Don’t be frightened by such tales. Auctioneers are professionals and realize when you are bidding and when you aren’t.  If you have questions, contact one of our staff members and they will be happy to assist you. 


Don’t be intimidated - auctions are fun and we are here to make it so!

During the Auction


In order to bid at an auction, you need to make the auctioneer aware of your intent to bid.  To do this, hold up your bidder card or raise your hand.  If the auctioneer does not immediately see you, shout, “Yes.”  The auctioneer will then take your bid and then turn to seek another bid.  If another bid is received, the auctioneer will return to you to ask if you want to bid again.  Simply continue to say “Yes” or hold up your bid card again to stay in the bidding.  To remove yourself from the bidding process simply shake your head “No” when the auctioneer makes eye contact with you or lower your hand and conceal your number from the auctioneer’s view.


After the Auction


After the auction is over, or when you are done bidding for the day, it is time to pay for your purchases.  Visit the cashier, and they will review your purchases with you, accept your payment and issue you a receipt so that you may leave with your merchandise.  Copper State Auctions accepts Cash, Debit Cards, Visa, Master Card, Discover Network Cards, Diners Club Cards and American Express Cards.

 Don’t forget to plan ahead.  All items must be removed from the premises by the end of the auction.  Please make sure you have adequate room in a vehicle to remove and transport your items from the auction site.  Copper State Auctions does not provide delivery, packing, shipping or loading services.  Make sure you have a way to get the items you have purchased packed securely and home with you safely.  For more information, see FAQs.


Feel free to contact us for any additional questions about attending one of our auctions.

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