If you would like to call in and leave an absentee bid, or bid over the phone, you can call our Bidder Hotline at 602-888-2BID (602-888-2243)

If you have quesitons or issues related to online bids or online auctions, call us at 480-435-9900

Frequently Asked Questions About On-Line Bidding

Q:  How can I place a proxy or absentee bid?

A:  You can call or text us at 480-435-9900.  You can email us at bids@copperstateauctions.com or you can call us at 602-888-2BID or you can come to the auction site on auction day or during preview.  When you place a proxy bid, we will bid on your behalf, up to and including the amount you specify.  Your bids are input into our electronic auction clerking system, ensuring you our best effort that your bids are relayed quickly and accurately to the auctioneer.


Q:  Does it cost to make an advance, online, proxy or absentee bid?

A:  Copper State Auctions does not charge for registering to bid or for simply placing a bid, leaving a bid at the auction site or making a bid online, through text or telephone.  However, if you are a successful buyer the standard 5% buyer’s premium fee will be added to your purchase as well as local tax.  Additional terms may apply.  Please review the terms and conditions of the auction you are bidding, for any additional charges, costs or restrictions.


Q:  What is the difference between online, advance, absentee, proxy and interactive bidding?

A:  A proxy bid is sometimes called an absentee bid.  It is a convenient option for people who aren’t available to bid in person or attend on auction day; therefore, absentee and proxy are synonymous.  An advance is a bid that is placed before the actual live auction event; this can be in-person, via telephone, email, and text or electronically through a web bidding service.  If the bid is placed online, we refer to it as an advance bid.  When a bid is placed in person or with us prior to the auction we refer to it as an absentee bid.  When a bid is taken live, during the auction, over the phone this becomes an interactive proxy bid.


Q:  When can I place a proxy, advance or absentee bid?

A:  You can place an absentee bid as soon as the auction catalog has been determined and published (that is, when lot numbers are assigned to the auction items – this usually happens a few days before the auction).  Typically, the auction catalog is posted online at our website.  To ensure that you do not miss an item you are interested in buying, we recommend that you place your proxy bids at least the day before the auction – although we will accept proxy bids on auction day.


Q:  How do I know if I have successfully bid on an item and how do I pay for my item?

A:  If you are a successful buyer, and have bid using or online service, you will be notified by email and your credit card on file will be charged at the close of the auction for the entire purchase.  If you have left an absentee or proxy bid, we will contact you by phone to advise you of the selling price and arrange for payment at that time. If you do not receive a call from us, it typically means that you were not the high bidder and did not win the bid.  If you left a bid in person and would like to find out if you are the buyer, visit the registration counter at the auction site or call us at 480-435-9900.  We will then make arrangements for payment and pickup of the items won at the end of the auction.  If the lot number has already been sold, our staff can tell you almost immediately if you were the high bid.  As a courtesy, all online advance bidders will receive an email of the bid results for the items that were not successfully bid via our automated system, usually within 24 hours of the close of auction.


Q:  How can I be sure I am not paying too much when I place an absentee, advance, online or proxy bid?

A:  To make proxy bidding as fair as possible, we never start the bidding with an advance proxy bid unless two or more competing advance proxy bids have been placed on an item.  The auctioneer typically accepts the first bid from a live on-site bidder.  The auctioneer will then accept the advance proxy bid at the next bidding increment. Staff will continue to bid on your behalf until a bid from another bidder exceeds your maximum bid or until the other bidders stop placing bids and you are the highest bidder.  Our staff acts on the buyer’s behalf, and in buyer’s best interest, and always place bids for advance proxy bidders at the next bidding increment.  Copper State Auctions conducts live auctions and tenders proxy bids in this manner so you can be sure you are not paying any more than you would if you were bidding live in person.


Tips to ensure a successful bid:

  • Place your bid early.  When bidding, especially online, do not wait until the close of the bid time to make a bid.  Online bidding closes one hour before the live auction and these bids are brought to the auction and become a part of the live bid process.


  • Clearly specify the item that you want to bid on.  Some items have a choice or quantity and without a clear lot choice, your bid cannot be entered; call 480-435-9900 or email bids@copperstateauctions.com with questions before bidding.  Our Bidder Hotline on Auction Day is 602-888-2BID (602-888-2243).


  • Do not sell yourself short.  Consider your highest amount that you are willing to pay for the items you are bidding on and leave the highest amount as your bid, many times our absentee bidders do not make a successful bid because they have lost the bid by just a few dollars.
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