Why You Should Be Shopping at Estate Auctions


Our Estate Auction Sales are held on-site at a private residence. Think of an Estate Tag Sale or Garage Sale where EVERYONE has an equal chance to buy any item -  this is an Estate Auction.  Here are some more reasons that ESTATE AUCTIONS ARE BETTER . . .



Everything is Sold in a Few Hours

A whole entire home is cleared of its contents in one day. Because we auction property off in "Lots," there is no need to come back over multiple days, haggle on the price or travel miles back to a home only to find that what you wanted is already sold.

The Entire Process is Transparent

Each and every item is offered for sale in a live setting before the public eye and merchandise is never sold before the public sale.

Every Person Gets a Fair and Equal Chance to Buy

Any other method of buying and selling is a first come, first served basis - the early bird gets the worm - not so at an auction. The sale order is laid out in advance and buyers know when an item will be offered for sale.

Prices are Fair and Reasonable

The best appraiser or foremost expert could put a price on an item, but that is only an educated guess, the price could be too high or too low. Buying at auction sets the fair market price for a specific item at that specific moment. Experts and appraisers actually use the prices at auction for pricing and appraisals.

They Just Don't Make It Like They Used To

Typically, auctions sell merchandise that is older and made in a manner that is no longer possible or feasible.  Vintage or antique goods are often handcrafted or made by companies that built a reputation on quality and durability that is just not found anymore. Auctions offer an opportunity to buy sought after merchandise found nowhere else.

We Make Buying Fun!

Auctions are social events that allow new buyers to learn and ask questions and allow seasoned buyers and auction goers to make acquaintances, socialize and find new and old friends. We believe in creating a sense of community and foster the idea that auctions should be fun and friendly. Our staff and auctioneers create an environment of camaraderie within a lively and fun atmosphere.


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