10 Reasons to Come to Our Auction Events


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1.  Registration is FREE.


2.  We DO NOT require a deposit to bid at any of our sales events.

3.  Bid Cards are FREE.

4.  We provide a catalog, complete with descriptions, to all of our bidders and buyers, in print and online for each sale – for FREE.


5.  We offer online, absentee and proxy bidding services FREE of charge, including online pre-bidding.

6.  When possible, we have beverages and professionally prepared food for sale on-site so you don’t have to go hungry or thirsty - water bottles are always FREE.

7.  We love auctions and the sense of community it creates, we encourage socialization and finding new friends. Come and see why our sales are the perfect way to make an acquaintance.

8.  All property for sale is clearly marked and labeled with a description and we sell all items in ascending lot order, therefore, you know exactly when an item will be up for sale.

9.  We sell items quickly, about 120 lots an hour, so there is no waiting around or guessing when your item is coming up for sale or wondering how long it will take.

10.  Most of our items are sorted into boxes and boxed lots, ready to take home, eliminating the need to bring packing materials with you.

OK, Here Are 10 More Reasons . . .

1. Auctions are fun and exciting and they are a great form of entertainment.
2. Auctions are a great way to buy things . . . or just look at unique and unusual items.
3. You decide how much you want to pay for an item.
4. Auctions are educational.  Watch what other bidders are buying and how much they are paying.

5. You can purchase almost new merchandise and find quality items that are no longer made.
6. You meet a lot of really nice people.
7. It is an inexpensive form of entertainment . . . if you set a spending budget beforehand.
8. We often sell items that may recall happy memories from your childhood.
9. Auctions are a great way to add to your collection or begin a new one.
10. Auctions are a great way to repurpose old items and give them new life.

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