Questions to Ask When Meeting with an Estate Sale or Auction Company

Here are some questions to ask anyone who will handle the sale of your property



We all work hard for our money, but most of us spend the majority of our waking hours working.  Our money pays for our homes, our land, our automobiles, insurance, clothes, food, all of our possessions and so much more.  When it comes to selling those possessions and property, the smartest thing you can do is let an auctioneer help you continue to get the value you deserve.  A professional auctioneer knows what a collectible is worth, what household items and office equipment are worth, and what personal property is worth.  A professional auctioneer will manage your sale so you can get the best value from the items in which you have invested your hard earned money.


Ask about their contract or written proposal to provide you services.  Get details on what is involved. How does it serve you?  Is it customized and tailored to fit your specific needs?  Does it protect you, the seller?


Find out how the sale will be marketed.  The success of the sale depends a great deal on the marketing effort behind it.  What are the advertising expenses and who pays for them?


How is the auction company paid?  How are you paid?  How are you assured you will receive full payment for your property?  What services and benefits does the seller get with the commission paid?


Ask about setup, sales practices and the order of the sale.  How is the company going to sell your property, in what order are they selling it and why are they doing it that way?  Does the auction company make it fun and easy to bid and buy at the auction?  Is buying your property easy, efficient, fair and transparent for potential buyers?  What happens at the end of the auction?  Who cleans up after the auction and what happens to the items that do not sell?


  • Ask if the company is licensed and insured. 
    • ​What type of licence is it?  
    • Who regulates the license?
  • Is the Organizer, Individual, Sales Professional or Auctioneer licensed? 
  • Is the Company bonded and why do they need bonding?
  • Does the Estate Sale Organizer have a professional designation?
  • What other benefits does the company offer?
  • What does "Full Service" mean?


You work hard for your money, and we will work hard for your money too.

Let us show you why an auction is the best choice for selling your property. 


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