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At Copper State Auctions We Do Things Differently

  • Our Auctions are Fully Cataloged with Lot Numbers and a Pre-Determined Ascending Sale Order
  • We Believe Auctions Are a Great Way for All Buyers to Have an Equal Chance to Purchase All Merchandise
  • We Are Computerized with State-of-the-Art Check-In and Quick, Detailed Check-Out for Each Buyer
  • We Take All Forms of Payment . . . Including Contacless Payment Such as Apple Pay, Android Pay & Samsung Pay!
  • When We Sell Items, We Sell at a Quick Pace (~ 120 Lots an Hour) But Not So Quickly That You Can't Follow the Sale
  • We Feel Auctions are Social Events, Allowing Conversation with Friends and Fellowship with Neighbors
  • Our Rapid Selling of Items Makes Buying Fun and Never Gets Dull or Boring
  • We Can Clear an Entire House of its Contents in Just a Few Hours
  • Our Auctions are Conducted by an Experienced Licensed Auctioneer with Integrity & a Commitment to a Code of Ethics
  • The Auction Process is Transparent for Buyers and Sellers on All Items Bought and Sold



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