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Copper State Auctions Conducts All Auctions in Accordance With State and Federal Law. Below Is Some Information on Buying a Firearm at Auction, Our Registration Process and Answers to Some of Your Questions as Well.


All Buyers of Any Firearm (Gun, Long Gun, Handgun, Shotgun, Precussion Gun, Pistol or Rifle) Manufactured After the Year 1898 Requires An ATF Form 4473 to Be Filled Out and Submitted to The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).  Copper State Auctions Utilizes a Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer (FFL Dealer) to Conduct a Background Check on Buyers and Transfer Title of Applicable Firearms to Buyers.


Additional Terms & Conditions of Our Firearm Auctions


All buyers of firearms must be age 18 or older; handgun buyers need to be age 21 or older.  Handguns can only be sold to Arizona Residents, 21 or older, and only within the state of Arizona.  All firearms manufactured after the year 1898 require the purchaser to register every firearm with the United States Government (ATF) utilizing form 4473; conceal and carry holders are exempt from an FBI background check, so long as their permit has not expired.  All firearm buyers must be approved via an NICS background check before the purchase and transfer can be completed.  It is the responsibility of the bidder and buyer to be aware of his or her ability to pass a federal NICS check before bidding or buying any post 1898 firearm.  It is the responsibility of the buyer to be aware of the laws of their state regarding the legality of purchasing or receiving any firearm.  The name of the buyer on the invoice must match the name on form 4473 and must be the same individual who submits to a NICS check.  It is also the responsibility of the buyer to provide the designated originating FFL dealer with the name and address of the receiving FFL Dealer in the buyer's locale.  Shipping charges and related costs ($20.00 plus the actual shipping carrier cost) for all firearms are the responsibility of the buyer.  Federal regulations prohibit the sale of any firearm related merchandise outside of the United States.  Arizona firearm dealers must present a signed copy of their Federal Firearms License to the designated FFL dealer in order to accept delivery of firearms.


Please note that Copper State Auctions, its designees, employees and/or agents make no guarantee as to the accuracy of make, manufacture, production date, operation, functionality, or firing condition, of any firearm or weapon offered for sale.  It is recommended that all weapons purchased at auction be inspected and/or verified by a competent gunsmith or weapons expert before attempting to use, fire or discharge any weapon.


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Fillable Form 4473 - Required for the Purchase of All Firearms
This Form Can Be Filled Out Prior To Visiting a Firearm Dealer. Bring This Filled Form With You To Assist With The Transfer Of A Gun.
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